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Limited Time Offer: Quality Custom Mouthguards

15th September 2015

Don't Risk It This Year!

To encourage sportsmen and women of all ages to protect their teeth we are have this Limited Time Mouthguard Offer for the month of April as we head in to the footy season.

3 Reasons to Wear a Mouthguard:

  1. Damaging your mouth can deform your face
  2. Damaging your mouth can be expensive
  3. Damaging your mouth can create health complications for the rest of your life

"Every year we have patients come in needing major dental work from a sports injury." - Dr Patrick

5 Reasons to Avoid Off-the-Shelf Mouthguards:
Please note: an off-the-shelf mouthguard is better than no mouthguard

  1. They don't protect your mouth very well
  2. They often don't save you money if you do have an incident
  3. They don't last as long
  4. They can be uncomfortable and lead to ulcers
  5. It can difficult to talk to team members while it's in your mouth

"A good mouthguard is one of the cheapest forms of insurance for your mouth!" - Dr Aaron

Normally $160 now $75!

Your mouthguard can be made in your choice of team colours

Bulk buy discount: $65 per mouthguard to protect your whole team (an order of 5 or more required)

How to Claim
*Offer has now closed

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Our Team

Hawthorn Dentists Aaron, Corinne and Patrick have gained a strong reputation for quality dental work. The success of Cornerstone Dentistry has come from it's small highly trained and united team. 
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