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Are Custom Mouthguards Worth it?

22nd September 2015

Thankfully it has become commonplace in many sports  to wear a mouthguard whenever entering the ring, field or court. Unfortunately we still have many patients coming to visit us from these sports due to preventable sports related accidents. 

Hockey player Christina is the latest story to hit the papers (please note graphic picture): http://www.smh.com.au/health/mouthguard-failure-for-hockey-player

Off the shelf mouth-guards are better than no mouth-guard at all. But the extent to how much they protect your teeth is commonly misunderstood. This is because an off the shelf mouth-guard is not moulded to the unique shape of your mouth. To give you the best chance to keep those teeth safe and secure we recommend a custom approach. 

It's a simple process. We take an impression of your mouth and use that to create a perfect mould of your mouth. We then build a mouthguard for you around that mould. The end product is a mouthguard that is comfortable and significantly improves the probability of your teeth remaining in good condition. 

Give us a call, contact us on Facebook, or make a booking to talk more if this is of interest to you.

Take care of those teeth,

~ Dr Aaron Wong
Dentists of Hawthorn

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