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We're all about You

Different practices exist for different reasons. For us, we exist to use our skills and experience to benefit our patients, their families and the Hawthorn community as best we can.

This may seem common sense, but you would be surprised how many dental practices that Drs Aaron and Patrick see operating on other priorities. In always pursuing this type of practice we adhere to the following set of values:

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We are committed to always seeking to make it easier for our patients and the Hawthorn community to access good dental advice and support so they can lead a healthier life.

We encourage questions, take the time to answer them properly, and seek to always provide a warm, friendly and welcoming environment. 

New patients often have the most questions so we offer extended consultations at our Hawthorn practice for these appointments by default.

We also provide as much free advice through our Facebook page as possible so our patients can ask any follow up questions or concerns in the convenience of their own home and in the midst of their normal routines. 

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Proven Quality

We are committed to always providing a good quality of work, and at the same time - a good quality of experience.

Part of this is our life long commitment to ongoing learning. Many would be aware that to maintain dental registration in Australia, all doctors are required to complete a minimum number of professional developments hours per year. As part of our commitment to Quality, we have a policy that all doctors must at least double this requirement annually.

We also make sure staff spend time sharing their knowledge and experience together, as well as continuously seeking to improve different aspects to the practice. 

We also believe that a quality approach is a long term approach. In dentistry there are many immediate quick-fix solutions that leave a patient feeling happy in the moment but lead to ongoing problems or risks. We believe good quality treatment is more than just providing good quality treatment in the short term but factoring in the many years ahead and the unique situation of the individual patient. 

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Community Minded

We are committed to supporting our local Hawthorn community by seeking to promote good dental health. In particular we seek to support local schools to reduce preventable dental problems and give children in our community the best possible chance at a healthy dental future.

Our current diets are often causing widespread problems in the mouths of the next generation. We are committed to doing what we can to support our local community in this area. 

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Welfare Minded

We are committed to supporting those in our community who drastically need dental support but can’t afford it. One of the ways we do this is by running the Dentists of Hawthorn Fund where we give our time for free and use the fund to subsidise the costs of treatment for those in our community who would not be able to otherwise afford it.

We work with local community welfare organisations around Hawthorn to do this and provide support in providing checkups, cleans, and providing training and education. 

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