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Crooked Teeth

What causes crooked teeth?

Teeth can become crooked due to teeth being too large, jaws being too small, or teeth growing at incorrect positions. While some of these problems are out of our control, some of these issues are due to losing baby teeth at an early age, waiting too late until treating problems, developmental issues or genetics.

crooked teeth girl looking in mirror

Do I need to straighten my teeth?

While nobody necessarily needs to straighten their teeth, there are many benefits to having straight teeth. Straight teeth are generally easier to keep clean, wear down less, tend to have less gum disease and decay, as well as looking great!

grandpa and granddaughter smiling at each other

Will teeth become straighter over time?

Unfortunately, the latest research indicates that all teeth will eventually become more crooked over time! This applies to not just teeth that have been straightened previously, but also if you’ve never had any treatment to do so.

hawthorn dentist holding model of crooked teeth

Do Wisdom Teeth cause crooked teeth?

No, wisdom teeth do not cause your teeth to become crooked. Historically, we thought that wisdom teeth which were growing at odd angles could push your lower teeth and make them crooked. These days, we have research which shows that even if you don’t have wisdom teeth, your lower teeth most likely become more crooked over time.

straight teeth with Invisalign braces

How to straighten teeth?

Today, we have many methods to help straighten teeth from braces (which now are smaller and move teeth faster), lingual braces which are attached to the inside of your teeth, removable appliances that can be worn part time, as well as clear aligners such as Invisalign™. Each of these options have many advantages which can be discussed with you to see what is most suitable for your situation. Dr Aaron Wong offers free initial consultations at our Hawthorn clinic to help you to find out what solutions will work for you.

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