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What is a Crown?

A Crown is a tooth-shaped 'cap' that is placed over a tooth that is badly damaged or heavily decayed. Crowns can be made of:

  • All metal
  • Zirconia
  • Porcelain fused to metal (PFM)
  • Porcelain fused to zirconia
  • All ceramic

Metals include gold alloy, other alloys (palladium) or a base-metal alloy (nickel or chromium). The all-metal or PFM crowns are stronger and are better choices for back teeth than ceramic crowns. PFM and all-ceramic crowns are the same color as your natural teeth. They look just like normal teeth.

All crowns have advantages and disadvantages. Which type is best for you will be determined in part by your occlusion (how your teeth meet) and whether you grind your teeth. The final choice is up to you and your dentist.

digital image of dental crown

Why do I need a Crown?

A crown is usually recommended by your dentist if your tooth require strengthening, or if you desire improved aesthetics, we can look to rebuild your teeth with a crown. A crown is placed to ‘cap’ a tooth and strengthen or improve a tooth’s appearance and shape. This can also allow you to keep your teeth for longer by preventing irreparable damage that could lead to tooth loss. A crown may be ideal if you have lost a large filling, have cracks in your teeth, misshapen teeth, or previous root canal treatment. There are many options when it comes to crowns and we have the in depth knowledge to help you navigate all of these choices.

Dental crown procedure image

How is a Crown made?

A crown usually made over two appointments. In the first appointment, we will have to shape your tooth to make room for the crown. This procedure is usually done under local anaesthetic. An impression of that tooth will be done in that same visit and will be sent to a dental lab for fabrication. The making of your crown can take 1-2 weeks, in this time frame, a temporary crown will be made to cover and protect your tooth. In the second appointment, we will remove the temporary crown and will cement your crown over the tooth.

Now you could chew and eat with confident that your tooth will not break!

dentist of hawthorn dr Aaron looking at xray

How long does a Crown last for?

A crown can last from 10 to 15 years depending on the types of material used and how you look after it. A crown still has your natural tooth underneath so you must look after it with regular toothbrushing and flossing! Of course regular dental checkups and x-rays are great to make sure your crown is doing just fine.

Elderly people with dental crown

Are crowns painful or uncomfortable?

There shouldn't be any long-lasting discomfort or sensitivity after a crown is placed. Usually there can be some mild sensitivity after placement of your crown. If you noticed any severe pain or sensitivity when you bite down, contact us immediately! This may or may not mean that the crown is too high and when you bite, you are hitting the crown first. This can be adjusted very easily.

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