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Getting 'Long in the Tooth'?

20th August 2015

Ever heard the saying "getting long in the tooth" and wondered why it relates to becoming older?

As you age, your gums can recede from brushing too hard with stiff toothbrushes, trauma from mouth piercings, gum disease, or just age itself. Gums receding leads to more of your tooth being visible, and the appearance of a 'long tooth'!

Gum recession can also lead to sensitive teeth and even compromise the stability of your teeth in the longer term. We have many ways to work with you to manage your tooth sensitivity or repair your lost gums.

Preventing these problems occurring in the first place is even better! Using a soft toothbrush twice a day and flossing daily will go a long way to ensuring that your gums stay in a healthy, painless condition well beyond the stage you feel 'long in the tooth'!

~ Dr Aaron Wong
Dentists of Hawthorn

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