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'It's nothing personal Patrick, but I don't like the dentist'

15th September 2015

This is a common phrase I hear at least once a day! Throughout my dental career, many of my patients have shared with me their horrible past dental experiences, resulting in them now disliking or ‘hating’ the dentist.

However, I’m willing to bet that in most circumstances, it’s not actually me (or your dentist) that you actually hate! Rather, it’s the thought of lying down in that cold dental chair, hearing the constant sound of drills and suction, the fear of long needles… who could blame you?!

After hearing these concerns for many years, I’ve decided to share my thoughts on why so many people often do not like the dentist:

1. The number one reason is Pain!

'Is it going to hurt?' seems to be the first question everyone asks, whenever I advise them that they require an important dental procedure. This is a natural question as nobody wants to experience pain – myself included!  

The good news is that modern dentistry can be painless and stress free! Whether it be a simple filling, crown or root-canal, I will always ensure that you are calm and comfortable during any procedure. You can be reassured that I won’t begin a major procedure on your tooth until that tooth is 100% numb – so you can just lay down and relax, because you won’t be feeling any pain.

2. The second reason is Embarrassment!

The last thing you want is your dentist judging you because you have lots of cavities or terribly crooked teeth.   

The good news is that if you can gather the courage to pick up the phone and walk through our door, I promise to never make you feel guilty or embarrassed. Quite the contrary, I will commend you for your courage and taking your important first step in achieving your ideal, perfect smile.  

I follow the golden rule and always treat my patients how I would like to be treated. I will look out for your best interests, and will do everything I can to give you the confidence to look and feel great. I know that if it were me in the dental chair, I would appreciate constructive criticism, without the lecturing.

3. The third reason is the Cost of Dental Treatment!

‘It costs how much?!’ – is what crosses your mind when your dentist tells you the price of the crown or filling they just suggested. How can a tiny, tooth-shaped object, possibly have the same price tag as a new flat-screen TV or overseas holiday?  It’s ridiculous, I know. I truly wish that the world of dentistry was more affordable for everyone.  

Unfortunately, the high quality dental materials we purchase from our suppliers are expensive. These costs are unavoidable, because we do not use subpar materials when providing you with the very best dental care.  

The good news is that I understand these affordability realities, and will always work flexibly and collaboratively with you, to provide you with the best treatment option within your budget. My guarantee is that I will always strive to find you a solution that meets both your dental and budgetary needs.    

4. The fourth reason is Anxiety!

I’m sure you have heard horror stories from close friends or relatives about their past dental disasters - so I can understand the dread and fear you might feel at the thought of even entering a dental clinic!  

The good news is that this perception is not even close to reality! With an open mind, I am confident that a visit to Cornerstone Dentistry in Hawthorn will positively change your view of going to the dentist.

I openly communicate with all my patients, so you can tell me exactly what it is that makes you scared or uncomfortable – and I will do everything I can to alleviate your concerns. As part of our service we can also supply our patients with music to help distract them and help them to relax. With this caring approach, you will be at ease and your dental treatment will be over before you know it!

Smile, there is a Brightside

Thank you for reading my thoughts on the four most common reasons people do not like the dentist. Modern Dentistry has certainly come a long way and I look forward to helping you achieve your ideal dental health and of course, that perfect smile!

~ Dr Patrick Wong
   Dentists of Hawthorn

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