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The Magic of Dental Implants

15th September 2015

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Dental implants can not only improve your smile, but more importantly they can also improve your health now and into the future.

are lost for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, it really is worth coming in to discuss your options before more issues are caused. 

The prospect of dental implants can seem daunting and you may be thinking ‘is it worth it?’ I can assure you it is. The highlight of my week is often the moment a patient gets to see their new set of teeth reflected back at them for the first time. The smile on their face is priceless.

It is a common perception that dental implants can be expensive, but you could be saving yourself from more costly work in the future. You see, missing teeth have the potential to cause expensive complications to your health, for example:

  • When there is a tooth missing, the surrounding teeth start to bear additional stress causing wear and tear. Sometimes this is enough to cause even more teeth to be lost.
  • People often tend to chew food on the opposite side of the mouth to a missing tooth. This can lead to pain and jaw problems.
  • A gap can allow neighbouring teeth to move or tilt which creates new nooks and crannies for food to hide in. If these areas are not cleaned properly, before you know it, decay can set in and you’re at risk of losing many more teeth.

Although everyone wants to get back that beautiful smile, I understand any procedure, big or small, may come with some worries. I'd like to share my response to the two most common worries I hear from patients. I hope to allay your fears so these things do not become barriers to you experiencing a beautiful full set of teeth:

1. The Procedure Itself

Believe me, it is completely normal to fear the unknown. The good news is that dental implant procedures do not hurt. Some people may experience discomfort after the procedure, however this too is manageable. I use the latest 3D computer technology to plan your entire procedure. This gives me an unprecedented level of accuracy and results in less invasive surgery, reduced surgery times and faster healing.

2. Maintenance

When people have lost teeth due to their own neglect, they often feel they don’t deserve implants or are concerned about what maintenance might be required. The truth of the matter is everyone deserves a nice smile! If you are willing to look after your teeth from this day on, there is absolutely no reason why concerns over maintenance should prevent you from getting dental implants. Implants are easy to care for and I will always talk you through the details so you leave feeling confident and keep your dazzling new smile forever! 

The impact I see dental implants have on patients is heart-warming. It's about so much more than just a good looking smile. Dental implants improve confidence, health and makes things like eating more enjoyable. When considering if dental implants are right for you, consider the following:

  • Your improved looks and the increase in self-assurance that will result
  • Reduced anxiety caused by your missing teeth and health problems that could arise
  • How dental implants can save you money by reducing the need for extensive work later
  • Your improved overall health

Call me today for a free consultation to discuss your dental implant options.

~ Dr Patrick Wong
   Dentists of Hawthorn

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