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Mouthguard Limited Offer

Play Hard, Play Safe

"Most teeth injuries we see from sports could be avoided if players just wore a proper mouthguard." - Dr Patrick

Mouthguard are strongly recommended by most sporting codes to be worn at every game, mouthguards can prevent expensive injuries to your teeth and face.

mouthguard dental emergency

Mouthguards help save:

  • Serious injuries
  • The costs of serious injuries
  • Time off from the team, work or school from being seriously injured
  • Further complications and health risks arising from a serious injury
  • Lost opportunities and experience from being seriously injured
off the shelf mouthguard

5 Problems with off-the-shelf mouthguards:

  1. They don't protect your mouth very well
  2. They often don't save you from costly treatment if you do have an incident
  3. They don't last as long
  4. They can be uncomfortable and lead to ulcers and other complications
  5. It can be difficult to talk to team members while wearing

"A good mouthguard is one of the cheapest forms of protection available!" - Dr Aaron

custom mouthguard

Let us make you a professional mouthguard

  • Better protection
  • Moulded custom to your mouth
  • Customised to your team colours
  • More comfortable

Promotional Price - This Offer is Currently Unavailable

$99 for one colour

+$10 for each additional colour

View available colours here

To claim, simply fill out the form below and we'll get in touch to organise an appointment:

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View available colours here

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